Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Payroll & PEO Services from Employer Solutions

Leave the paperwork for us so you can focus on what you do best
Our Payroll Service cost is extremely competitive, on average 30% less than our competition
 You didn't go into business to worry about employee-related paperwork. Fortunately for you, we did.

Since 1998, Employer Solutions has been leading the way, helping thousands of business owners save time & money by offering cutting-edge solutions for every industry under the Sun.

  •  Payroll Administration - Dedicated payroll specialists ensure correct processing. Every time, on time
  •   PEO/Employee Leasing - The PEO(Professional Employer Organization) assumes all Payroll Tax Liability & shields you from Workers' Comp Audits
  •   Workers' Compensation - Allow our professional staff to fight Workers' Comp Claims on your behalf. Keep your rates low (where they should be), and get the applicable discounts that you deserve
  •   Human Resources/Benefits - Our Certified, Licensed HR Staff will assist you in order to protect your assets in the event of Sexual Harassment or Gender Bias claims
  •   Governmental Compliance - The PEO will keep you compliant with Federal Regulations, because nobody stops progress like Uncle Sam
  •   Risk Management - Your livelihood depends on your assets being properly protected; We can help keep your interests safe
  •   Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) - Competitively-priced EPLI coverage protects business owners from suits filed by current, past, or even prospective employees - whether the suit is just or unjust
Payroll, Tax Compliance & HR Support for Small Businesses
  •  Our professional staff ensures accuracy on every payroll
  •  Automated management of Federal, State, & Local payroll taxes
  •  New hire packages ensure your compliance with ever-changing laws & regulations put forth by the Government
  •  Multiple payment options are readily available to suit your needs - whether you prefer paper checks, direct deposit, or pay cards
  •  Online portal featuring up-to-date previews of payroll liability & cash required for upcoming fund withdrawals, allowing you to plan ahead
  •  Expert management of State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) - our team calculates and deposits SUI payments for you
  •  Access to our Certified Human Resources staff, standing by to ensure that your employee management & personnel decisions won't put your business in jeopardy
  •  Work with our retirement planning team to prepare your 401k for life after your career has ended 
Let our team of PEO Professionals eliminate the daily hassles of running your business, so that you can focus on what really matters - generating revenue
  •   Our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Staff will guide you through a seamless enrollment, and start saving you money on your very next pay period
  •   Under our PEO's Master Policy, you receive the benefits of our decades of experience - including Workers' Compensation discounts of anywhere from 10-30% off of the State Rates in most cases
  •   On top of our huge Workers' Comp savings, your business will be eligible to receive discounted State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) Rates
  •   Allow our PEO to fight baseless Unemployment Claims on your behalf with our in-house Claim Center, which is always standing by to serve you
  •   Lean on the Certified expertise of our experienced Human Resources department, to protect your interests in the event of Sexual Harassment or Gender Bias suits
  •   Enjoy the simplicity that comes with PEO Services - Simply report the hours of your employees, and oversee hiring & firing as you see fit
HR Support, Compliance, & Administration

  •   Employee Handbooks - Customizable, professional Employee Handbooks, based on the latest Federal guidelines
  •   HR Forms & Documents - Access our library of policies, forms, documents, & checklists that will help you stay compliant
  •   Government Compliance Database - Stay current with State & Federal employment laws without the added expense of retaining a Labor Law Attorney
  •   Job Description Tools - Make sure that each and every employee knows their assigned role with customizable Job Descriptions to suit every industry
  •   HR Live Support - Call the Certified HR Staff to receive free advice before you make a business decision that could put you at risk
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